Kim Hicks Artist, Sam, Acrylic Cow Painting,24x30x2 in

© Kim Hicks

As you can tell, I love bold and vibrant colors. Living on the West Coast for eighteen years provided a few grey days, so painting with bright colors made even the darkest days come alive with sunshine. A move back to the prairies provided me with a new palette of inspiration, open skies, wheat fields forever and a gorgeous mountain backdrop. Now back on the West Coast it feels like I have come home. I am so fortunate to have the choice to hike through the old growth forest on my back doorstep or stroll down the road to be greeted by the ocean. Today my inspiration comes from the simple joys in life, and I look forward to seeing how my art is influenced by my new surroundings and a simpler way of life.

It is my intention that each painting brightens and adds a spark of whimsy and fun to your home. Each original piece can be viewed in my online galleries and are available by contacting me