Adult Coloring Books….relax,create and quiet the mind.

Adult coloring books have taken retail stores by storm….they are in bookstores to grocery stores. In a fast- paced world full of computer games,cell phones and several jobs which require one to sit at a computer it is no surprise that adult coloring books are selling like hot cakes.

I know that painting for me allows my creative gal side to be expressed and gives my mind a rest from the day to day ramblings of life. Hours can go by and I look up at the clock and I am wondering where time has gone. I love that these books will allow others to express their creative side ,slow down their minds and just be…. for me this is total bliss…..

The book below was gifted to me a few months ago from one of the store owners I merchandise for. On one of her trips back to London she saw these taking off and brought as many as her suitcase would hold and they have sold out. The other night I was watching a movie and took a look at the book she had given me and I began to doodle and then color, before I new it the movie was over and I had completed my first coloring sheet.  I have always doodled from a young age and would incorporate it into my poetry as a teen. When I was in University many of my lecture notes were more picture then words(not great notes to borrow, but they sure were pretty!) but that is how I was able to remember the lecture and for some classes not fall asleep…wink


So if you have been looking for a relaxing mind,body and soul outlet grab one of these coloring books and pencil crayons and go for it. If you are looking for more adventure create your own coloring page …..and as I teach kids to adults it is OK to color outside the lines nothing in life is perfect… what you love and love what you do….and watch your heart sing…So when this mug came into one of the stores I merchandise for it had this creative gal all over it. Of course anyone who knows me knows that I just might paint the grass purple. The grammer mistake on the back of the mug folks is all about coloring outside the lines……:)


So I missed blogging last week and this is a few days late but I have been working on a commissioned piece. Honestly I was a little hesitant to produce a painting this way as I like to paint what I feel at that moment.  Then I thought really just get over what is holding you back and put brush to canvas. Having a ton of fun with this painting so will post when I am done. It is for a young gal that overcame a sudden illness last year and really showed all those around her that life can change in a minute  … last year she was in the hospital for her birthday this year she is a healthy gal at home where she should be ……so have a a week to finish before I head back to the Vancouver Island to do a little wake-boarding and surfing….

Shine Bright,


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