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Garden Bliss

I love gardening ,but I have had to really have patience  while landscaping my yard here in Cowtown. After years on Vancouver Island, where I had a wonderful English garden in one home and then a yard full of Rodeo’s and natural scape in another my current home has been a challenge. I do love […]


Stampede Inspired

Well last week was the Calgary Stampede and it is one of the biggest international rodeos around. There is the rodeo portion, grandstand shows ,concerts with the likes of Mr Blake Shelton and Ms Sheryl Crow just to name a few. Pancake breakfasts  a wee bit of festive activities in the way of a few […]


The painting below was inspired by a trip  I took to Ireland last year. My hubby had buss there so I tagged along and fell in love with Ireland, as I somehow new that I would. The rolling hills, the lush greenery the friendly people and  Dublin….I had so much fun in Dublin”s Temple Bar District and for anyone that has been there you will know what I mean. The people are spilling out of the pubs onto the cobblestone streets and live music can be heard from almost every pub. The old architecture and hardwood floors and sharing stories and a beer with  complete strangers while listening to an artist sing and play guitar… total bliss.

I must have stood for at least a half an hour(which is a long time for this gal ) taking in the  beauty of the Ireland countryside, with it’s vast colors and amazing fresh foliage scents knowing when the time was right I would have to paint what I was experiencing.  For those that know me you know that I paint  from memory rather then from looking at an actual photo….. I guess that is what puts the wonky in all that I paint. So the end result was the above painting that I titled “Ireland Bliss”….

Last year was a crazy busy year filled with so many new things  that when I sat down to write this I thought wow I have once again not written a blog in forever. So Blog Mondays will be my new goal. I also need to update mee picture as it is a few years old (actually ten years old).There are a few more facial lines and lets not even talk about the white hair however I would not trade either as they are who I am (well the white hair me and Ms. Clairol have a monthly arrangement). As I look at that gal from ten years back I see how much she has grown and what life has given and taught her and I am totally humbled and amazed. There is a simple wisdom that comes with age a maturity that see’s all life experiences as a gift. No matter how big,small,joyful, or hard we all experience different magnitudes of each and  I would not change one experience even the hard ones because they have made me into the person I am today…..and I am loving this stage of my life as I head towards 50.

So besides merchandising and buying which I wrote about in my last blog I am back to doing admin for my hubby’s business. Hmmm numbers which are so not creative however this gig does work the other side of this creative gals brain:) Thank god for coloured highlighters need I say more:)

So whats next on mee bucket list? ….well I see a little sky diving in my future on my visit back to see my parents on Vancouver Island this summer. My partner in crime just may be my dad as he thought he just might need to do this with me. Gotta luv almost 72 years old … truly is the new 50…..My parents are so active and I love them for being such a positive influence for me and my family.

Speaking of bucket lists I have a bucket list that has some little things and then some big things (jumping out of a plane falls somewhere in between…wink) that I want to do before I am 50 and in my lifetime. It is amazing when you write your ideas down how much closer you get to obtaining them. Ireland was on my bucket list and before I new it I was standing still taking a moment to breathe and over looking this amazing scenery outside of Dublin. I have been known to be a bit of a free spirit  so when I read some of them to my famdango they were either laughing or like that is cool or really um why ….Well that is the great thing about a bucket list it is yours to do….. So do you have a bucket list? What is on your bucket list?

Shine Bright,



 Words….. Over the past ten years I have chosen one word to be my mantra for that year. It acts as a silent  whisper to guide me to where I need to be at any given moment. Here are a few of my favs ; Breathe: this word was all around my home when my […]


Happy 2015

Happy New Year ……. It has been awhile since I have blogged, but this prairie gal has been kinda side tracked…In truth this last year I have put down my paint brushes and tucked my canvases away. There were a few times I pulled them out, however I just did not have that creative vibe […]


Polar Bear Whimsey

I had a lot of fun with this painting. I was born in Churchill,Manitoba so I guess this Polar Bear has a little piece of my beginnings attached to it. Loads of layers in the background and a lot of fun using the translucent white acrylic paint by  Golden Fluid paint. This piece is making it’s […]