Just running around….


Shoot wrong runners….no orthodontics in theses babies…

Had a great 5 km run this weekend  in our neighborhood Disco Run. To the volunteers , neighborhood association and all the sponsors job well done. What amazed me the most was how fast the kids were, endless energy. However, the father and eight year old daughter duo  inspired me the most. She chatted the whole way did not stop and when she saw the last km marker she said dad lets go, lets finish in under 30 minutes ….and folks they did ! I came in behind them and now have a great new five km route to run .Hearted all  the positive energy  you get when you  run with a group of people it is so invigorating. Speaking of inspiring I am hitting the pavement next weekend to run the  “CIBC Run For The Cure”. This was the first timed run I ever did and my kids were two and four and were at the finish line waiting for me. Each time I cross that runs finish line I think of that first run….and my kid-let’s faces….of course the run it self gives one time to reflect on those people close to me that have battled breast cancer and won and those I have lost. I keep on reading about the advances being made and hope that a cure is just around the corner. Running amongest the survivors and those battling breast cancer is truly inspiring .

A big shout out to Lakeview Bakery here in Calgary for making a yummy wheat free bread. It appears my son has  a strong sensitivity to wheat ….. Which explains a few health issues. So when he gave a thumbs up to the grilled cheese sandwhich he made I was ….relieved. This is a 6″1 fifteen year old who is on the ice twice a day for hockey and loves peanut butter sandwiches …. The previous three loaves were like eating cardboard and as he pointed out they maybe wheat free but expire in 2014 so that can’t be a healthy alternative. So a few adjustments but he is so on board and so is the rest of the family which helps. It is truly amazing where wheat is used so lots of detective work and my pantry is looking pretty wheat free as the neighbourhood boys know they can have anything on the right side of the pantry(whats left of the wheat products) and after that they will be eating wheat free with the rest of us.

Finishing up a painting of my dream car if there were not big trucks and SUV’s on the road. So will post that next time.



When I pulled out my boots today and me sweaters it was a tad chilly. Noticed a few items of clothing had some extra color….even with a paint apron on it appears I missed the canvas a few times last fall. For all you creative minds wishing you splatters of paint…..

It has been awhile……

The elephant symbolizes strength,stability,honor and patience .

The elephant symbolizes strength,stability and patients

Crazy how time flies by. Summer came and went and now my favorite season is upon us. There is nothing like a Canadian prairie fall, with the brilliant leaf colors and cool mornings and evenings with warm sunny afternoons. It has inspired me to take out my camera again and capture those moments we often over look.

So where have I been. Well truly right here at home with a little trip back to Vancouver Island with my son in August. We drove and had some awesome moments together which I  have tucked in my heart for safe keeping. He had a chance to attend a hockey camp with his buddies and I had the chance to spend some quality time with some pretty amazing people…. my parents. Who at 68 cycle, golf and dad plays hockey and my mom is an amazing artist. Truly blessed to have them in our lives.


My amazing parents. So blessed to have them in my life and my families . So thankful for the stable home life they provided for me and my brother.It is amazing what you see as you age…wink…

Of course caught up with my girlfriends  and enjoyed some beautiful moments running along the ocean and just spending time at what I call our beach breathing in the salt water and listening to the waves. I don’t know how many sand castles were built here but I do know we were blessed to have this beach right down the street when the kids were small.


OK, this is the gal that is my rudder in life our kids are basically the same age and we travel together for family trips and our husbands purposely dress the same when we go out…. this was not planned I showed up for dinner,wine and girl talk and we were dressed the same…. very funny…

However,this  summer truly made me feel like I had traveled around the world as there were so many things that happened that I just needed to take a break from my blog and painting.What I came to realize though is that my art grounds me and allows me to express who I am and what I am feeling at that given moment in time. I am so happy to have my brush back in my hand and this elephant is layers upon layers of words,color and pure emotion. I have read that the elephant symbolizes strength, stability and patience and folks as much as there were great summer moments our family has faced some very sad and challenging moments as well. So after I completed the background I had read a passage about what the elephant symbolizes and I new that I had to incorporate an elephant into this painting.   …..so with the elephant in mind I wish you all strength, stability and the wisdom of patience in your lives…..







Spring …..






So have been a wee bit busy with life lately…..juggling the Famdango schedule,some travel and some personal new adventures I am thrilled to be diving into. I am also taking a couple of on-line courses which is always fun and inspiring….Flora Bowley, Bloom True and Sephanie Ackerman, Home Grown. Also preparing for an art show with my Friday gals coming up in June which will be fun…… and kinda my first Hello to Calgary.

Running like crazy again and have been doing some awesome hill training. I absolutely love working out outdoors. Although the Calgary wind almost blew me and my dog away there is something about the fresh air and sunshine that just feels right. Have signed up for some 5/10 km runs and thinking of doing a half marathon in the fall….just have to convince my girlfriend from the island to do it with me…hmmm… I am thinking girls road trip to somewhere warm. Oh and I am loving listening to“Pink”  old and new lately when I run…not to mention that gal is in such great shape, just watching her video motivates me to put on my runners.

Today I purchased oils and I am in love…..the color is so  rich and goes on so smooth. The clean up is a little more work, but it is going to be so worth it. A special shout out to all the girls who I paint with Fridays for all their tips and help today.  As well I purchased a 40×40 canvas and this oil painting is going to be bold,bright and fun….Also if you live in Calgary Swinton’s art store is having a huge 30% off sale tomorrow Saturday,May 12.

So here is to spring finally arriving in Cow Town…..






Journals that make my heart sing….



And on the back of each book these words
“It is here where she must tell her story”..

Back from a great vacation….where I wrote in my journal,on the pages of a book I am reading(Daring Greatly) and pretty much anywhere I could. A few years back, 2009 to be exact I came across these  journals that did not make you feel like you had to fill 3000 pages and they were oh so cute…. and the line width inside was perfect for my swirly printing . This is the first book that I purchased and I actually was just reading my thoughts last night from April 6/2009 exactly four years later…..wow interesting…..and on the front of this cute little book were the words above….


I bought more and wrote and doodled and then it happened I could not find them anywhere….Until last week I was grabbing a Green Tea Latte from Starbucks and as I was waiting for my drink I was scanning the journal section and….they had four sitting on the shelves. I bought them all and my favorite is the journal with the typewriter.


Found on the inside cover of each book….



So these sweet words are found on the inside  cover of each book . So where can you find these journals Indigo Books in Canada is where I have purchased them. However they are carried by Compendium Inc. and the line is called “Her Words”…….

So these journals hold my art ideas,inspirational quotes,lots of random thoughts. Each day I try to write six things I am grateful for,a little note to myself called remember and finally the last thing I write is called Passion and it is a simple step I will take on that day to do the things I heart…..

I know journaling is the in thing, but once you start it is clear why. My Grams always wrote in a journal and as a kid I never really understood why an adult would want to do that. Well Grams now I totally understand……it may have taken me awhile but I believe I am now on the same page you were…..


as always


A Heart Colored Sky & A Wee Bit Of Prairie Whimsy


© Kim Hicks-Alberta Wildflowers & A Wee Bit of Prairie Whimsy


Alberta wildflowers, a heart colored sky and a wee bit of whimsy. This piece I created before Christmas, as you can see it is  more impressionistic then the one that I have used for  my header. I gave my self a couple of hours and two paint brushes and this was the end result. It was totally a challenge to myself to let go, have fun and paint with no judgement. Whew or Yee Haw as they say here in Calgary during Stampede…..what a refreshing, fun and liberating way to create. I think I took a page from the kid-lets I have taught over the last few years and just went for it.

I am Working on a much larger prairie piece right now and I have been stalling a little with it.  I am thinking maybe I should give myself the same time frame as I did with the piece above and just go for it. Honestly I have been in a bit of a painting slump lately which is just a gentle whisper to direct my energy else where. As I listen to the whispers  I have started to  write again and I love this  creative outlet. Whispers for me, make me  readjust and step back which is something that I have learned from one of my favorite blogger’s Kelly Rae Roberts.  I have followed her from the beginning and I heart all her courage,her success and her willingness to share her life….. for others to learn. Gratitude flowing over…..

So with a little holiday around the corner I am going to do some writing. Writing has  always  been another of my other creative escapes . Pen and paper and a mind swirling with ideas, we will see what happens(pretty sure there will be some doodling). I actually took an on-line course for writing children’s books through the University of Vancouver Island a few years back and it was so positive and my teacher encouraged my wild imagination and somewhat off the wall ideas. So here is too pretty paper, a funky pen and a heart full of ideas………..

Kids Summer Art Camps

Also planning two kids summer art camps… and a ladies evening of wine,paint,stories and a great finished piece of art which connects with the soul. Art,music,writing and anything that allows one to communicate  their thoughts and feelings, to me is such an essential part of of how we can express our individuality. Looking forward to both of these and more will be posted under classes soon………..


As Always….




Whats happening in my art space….


I am teaching an hour and fifteen minute class full of creativity, self discovery and the freedom to find the artist within. I have the privilege of teaching a wonderful ten year old gal at the moment and over the years kids to adults. I have always thought that I should have continued my educational journey and become a teacher….. folks. It was the  waves and sandy beaches of Australia that called me away and four years of post secondary school already completed that had me continue on a different path.

So it appears that things have  come full circle as I venture further into the “Art of teaching” what I am truly passionate about….putting brush to canvas…. There is technique,  a little art history and a chance to express ones self in an nurturing environment.

I am a firm believer that everyone learns differently and that we see things from different perspectives. This is captured in the many ways that individuals create and view art. There are techniques and lessons to learn but the greatest gift to give some one is the confidence to create. I had an amazing professor named  Jill Oakes at the University of Manitoba who taught many lessons such as how to write a paper,build an igloo(yup that’s right…. igloo) but more importantly she believed in us and truly took an interest in each one of us. You have many teachers over the years but it just takes one to make a difference and give you the confidence to succeed.

In teaching adults I have found that because our lives are so directed by how things should be in so many aspects of our daily activities that it truly inhibits the creative journey. In any of my adult classes once they let go of the idea that ones art should look like my sample or another artists or the person beside them we can create from the heart and  it is amazing what happens. There are no mistakes only beginnings to a wonderful piece that is  an expression of who they are. It is my hope that their experience in my class gives them the confidence to create on their own when they leave.

I have learned from teaching and having my own Kids that they have a freedom that we sadly let go of as we become adults. Kids listen  take what they need and create. I wonder if we lived our lives with a little less self judgement what would we accomplish or better yet what would we try……..

All these amazing pieces of art shown on this page are done by my ten year old student. Love the shoe, the skirt is full of texture and layers of built up paint. It is amazing what you can do when you you leave doubt at the door…..

Smiles                                                                                                                                                    as always,                                                                                                                                                Kim



Texture,color and a creative journey……


Patchwork of life


OK, so this is all about texture and a wee bit of color. I used full body acrylic paints and layered them as you can see below.




The outcome is so much fun and the response has been great. I am not one to work from a photo so the whimsy just takes over and I just put paint brush to canvas and well, I am not always sure where it will take me . However, this was so much fun and the colors are bright and happy and so that is where this creative journey took me. I know that it is generally consistency that defines you as an artist but that is not me. I would much rather travel the road of a gypsy full of new adventures and ever changing scenery because for me that is what inspires my creativity. So whether I am painting with a little or a whole lot of whimsy it is a chance to share my imagination and paint with all the creative passion that lies within me.



Patchwork of life today



Sunshine, Shoes and a little love

Wow a little time in the Arizona heat felt amazing. My son had a hockey tourney in Chandler, so the whole famdango went down for a little sunshine and fun. The team had a blast and made lots of memories that will last a lifetime. I got up and did a run almost every morning ,played a little golf and of course shopped a wee bit. Well let me rephrase that I got some rockin shoes. I kinda like meeee…….shoes. Here is my favorite pair of shoes by Boc that I  purchased. Hearting the flowers and the red, these had Kim written all over them!


Boc Shoes

This painting I started just before I moved to Calgary and I finally finished it. I painted this piece on  cradle board and it is  layered with sheet music , molding past, acrylic paint, stamps,my thoughts and the colors that  make me smile. Love working on cradle board as the hard surface gives you way more options then canvas. Kinda goes with meee shoes as well…..Oh and working in my organized and tidy space which I cleaned up before I left feels great. 



Just Love

The other great thing that I purchased was from Barnes and Noble. The new addition to Stampinton & Somerset Studio  Where Women Create Business and my other fav magazine Where Women Create. Love the new mag lots of info and pretty pics and Where Women Create is full of inspiration as always. If  you are looking for either of these here in Calgary Indigo carries Where Women Create, but not the new addition to the magazine line. However the Scrap Yard carries a number of the Stampinton & Somerset Studio mags and I believe they will be getting the Where Women Create Bussiness. Happy reading!