When I posted my last blog way back in March and talked about “change”, little did I know that not only would this refer to the direction of my art but also my life. Over the summer my family and I have managed to sell our business, home and much more and move to a new province. There have been so many changes for us all that we are all learning to adjust and embrace all the new. It has been a great lesson in patience, grace and letting all that is meant to be happen. Has it been easy, well some days more than others but it has taught us that we can triumph outside of what we know. That all that we hold dear is tucked safely in our hearts and that sometimes it is our kids that teach us more than we actually have taught them!

One thought on “Change

  1. carol gourley

    Hi Kim, just saw your comment on She art 2. I too am from Canada, Kamloops, BC for the last 20 years, but grew up in Fernie, BC. I went to college in Calgary many years ago, I liked Calgary and have a lot of relatives there. It’s a very familiar place. I hope you and your family are settling into their new home.
    take care and see you in class.


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