Kim was born in Churchill, Manitoba and traveled further north with her parents before settling in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she was raised. She grew up surrounded by her mom’s brilliant artwork, which definitely had an influence on her. Kim became interested in fashion and went on to graduate from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Human Ecology in which fashion design was her major. After graduation, she became an apparel buyer with Ricki’s where her love of design, color and fashion continued.

In 1993, her and her husband moved out west settling in Parksville, on Vancouver Island.  In between training for a full marathon and several half marathons, working with their business and caring for their kids she dabbled in several creative areas. Then after becoming seriously ill in the spring of 2006, she decided that upon her recovery, she was going to follow her passion and with the support of her family, she began to paint around the clock.  The need to create through paint has stuck and it is here where time stands still and color explodes, as she puts brush to canvas. Now residing in Calgary,Alberta she has  a new landscape to inspire her art as well as embrace what she calls  her “Prairie Girl Spirit”.

Kim has a small studio in her home where she imagines, dreams, creates, and is always excited about the possibilities her next painting may bring.