Kim grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she grew up surrounded by her mom’s beautiful artwork. Kim became interested in fashion and went on to graduate from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Human Ecology. After graduation, she became an apparel buyer with Ricki’s where her love of design, color and fashion continued.

A move to Vancouver Island with her husband and the birth of her children renewed her love of color. Their drawings expressed wild imaginations, simplicity and of course a whole crayon box of color. For the next several years, Kim dove into painting furniture, a school mural and I dabbled in the art of rug hooking. She realized that color and more specifically painting and drawing with vivid color was what she was truly passionate about. Years later a move to Calgary, Alberta gave her a new landscape to inspire her art as well as embrace what she calls her “Prairie Girl Spirit. She not only painted but followed another love from her early retail days and began merchandising stores in the Calgary area. A move back to Vancouver Island recently inspired her to pick up her brushes and dust off her canvases and start painting again. With the encouragement of family, friends, and local artists she is once again excited about putting brush to canvas. 

Kim has a small studio in her West Coast home where she imagines, dreams, creates, and is always excited about the possibilities her next painting will bring. She takes inspiration from her everyday life and believes that if we truly take a moment to breathe all that we are meant to will be revealed. It is Kim’s hope that her art inspires you and that her use of color brightens your day.