Garden Bliss

I love gardening ,but I have had to really have patience  while landscaping my yard here in Cowtown. After years on Vancouver Island, where I had a wonderful English garden in one home and then a yard full of Rodeo’s and natural scape in another my current home has been a challenge. I do love the fact that I am learning constantly and have met some awesome people throughout Calgary.  My bike often comes to a quick halt  as I take pics of plants or say a friendly hello to the homeowners and ask for their gardening wisdom. I have a few more trees and shrubs to plant in the hardscape and then it is all about adding  more plants that bloom so there is always colour during the short growing season here in Alberta.  Being a city gal again I have opted for container gardens for mee veggies and my butter lettuce and swiss chard are so wonderful. The bean plant shown below is beautiful with its  green leafs and orange flowers that even if I have no beans sprout  it is so awesome. Give me a bouquet of daisy’s over roses any day and throw in  sunflowers and I am one happy gal.

imageI have some time to mee self and I am working on a new piece of art which I hope to finish this weekend and I am finally getting my pic’s into photo books for my kids ……I am talking a few years worth……and my girlfriends assure me I am not alone . Hope to have pics of my creative space soon..

  Everything that slows us down

and forces patience, everything

that sets us back into the slow

circles of nature, is a help.

Gardening is an instrument of grace.

Mary Sarton

Shine Bright,


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