You got to see Nigel

I had a wonderful trip back to Vancouver Island to visit my folks and friends. Had some lake time with a a girlfriend and there is nothing like a sunset at the lake. However, I just could not get into the  lake for a swim it is one of the coldest lakes on the island and even though the kids and my girlfriend were swimming there was no way….as a kid I would be in the lake just after the ice was off not sure what has changed ….perhaps just common sense (wink).

This summer I was asked to paint the picture of the pig below for a friends daughter and her reaction to it was awesome. So I asked her to give the painting a title and thus Nigel the pig it is. Introducing Nigel the pig…….,pig,colourful art

┬ęKim Hicks, 20x30x2 inches,Acrylic Painting,You Should See Nigel

 So for any of you moms out there what would you do with three weeks by yourself at home? This summer I had that time and I had planned to do all these things around the house and I actually did not do one thing……My husband and son headed to Europe with another father and son who are all great friends and  to celebrate the boys graduation this June.  My son has big plans for after graduation which will see him away from home for his chosen career in July….but more on that in a future blog. My daughter at the time was not living at home and so there I was at home alone…..People asked how I enjoyed it, folks it was awesome! I was still volunteering and working but I took time to look after me and as all moms  know we seldom do that. So there were a few girls hanging out at my house for  a wee bit of wine and a whole lot of laughs. I ate what I wanted when I wanted, the house stayed clean and I painted,read,cycled and had some much needed rest. Now of course I missed everyone and  I started to miss the dishes in bedrooms(well not so much) and the day to day happenings of a family but this was some much needed R and R . I wish that I would have taken a weekend here and there on my own when the kids were growing up more often.I can count on one hand how many times I did that ,it just gives you time to recharge your batteries and we are all better for it. So the boys came home from a wonderful trip, my daughter moved back home ( and brought with her a cat) and our home is full and busy and I would not have it any other way…..

Shine Bright,



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