Happy 2015

Happy New Year …….


It has been awhile since I have blogged, but this prairie gal has been kinda side tracked…In truth this last year I have put down my paint brushes and tucked my canvases away. There were a few times I pulled them out, however I just did not have that creative vibe directing me to my easel. I have though been using my creative gal side for other endeavours which have been so much fun.  I kept telling myself I would get back to painting and then I realized that it was ok to simply take a break. After all I am the one in my home who is always talking about balance and to make time to try new things. Which sometimes simple means putting what ever it is aside to try something else. I was not exactly following my own advise kinda of a mom thing, but no excuses right!

So what have I been up to….well there is this oh so sweet store in Alberta’s Children’s Hospital that I have been merchandising and helping buy for on  a volunteer basis. This place is near and dear to my heart and  I am truly  blessed to be able to give back to a place that has given my family so much. The store is primarily run by volunteers and some other very hard working folks and the profits raised go directly back to the hospital which is so very awesome. It is here where I met this wonderful sales rep who recognized my passion for merchandising and buying and has recommended me to other stores and voila……I am merchandising here and there and having so much fun…..I love it …..on mee feet all day but I never was a desk girl……so a wee business is happening and I am following one of my passions. I have always loved the art of story telling and buying and merchandising is simply another way for me to do this.


So after six months of not painting things started to direct me back to my easel but I kept putting it off…. Enter divine intervention, that will send you signs and when you ignore them will land you right on your behind. In  terms of my art I had an offer from a dear friend to purchase my elephant painting for his office and it just happens to go with the title of his book. He really wanted to pay me for the piece but I refused the humble artist thing. So he told me what he thought it was worth…. wow…it was amazing and I will leave it at that the humble artist thing again….wink….Again enter divine intervention as I was checking out all the amazing artists at this years Stampede I began talking to a gal about the Artist Ranch Project and I said I painted and showed her mee cow painting  and a cute little prairie scene she asked me to submit my pieces ….flattered…..it is juried and five artists are chosen…another sign to get painting well just maybe……

Here is what I believe when life is out of balance the universe gives you a bit of a shake and when you ignore it then it kinda kicks your ass. So needless to say it is good I stand when I work because I don’t think I could have sat last year at a desk…..:) So what was to be a routine eye appointment to discuss my annoying 47 year old eyes(I have my readers always on my head and refuse the neck chain….no matter how damn cute they can be…) turned into an appointment that has for now saved  my eyesight. Within  a week of that appointment I was diagnosed with  Narrow Angle Glaucoma and had laser surgery. I have had a few knocks on my door in my almost 48 years………and I have truly learned to listen, learn and be grateful for the lesson that each experience is there to teach me. For a person who is so visual this was a wake up call to get painting again. In truth painting has also been a place for me to go when I need to express what I am feeling so painting a wild flower garden was all that and then some(painting tittle is Shine). So I am back with paint brush in hand…..merchandising another sweet store in addition to the one at Children’s Hospital and hearting both opportunities.

File-banner-kodak4“The meaning of life is to

find your gift,the

purpose of life is to give

it away.”

                                                       Joy J. Golliver

Shine Bright,


P.S. After the eye episode my famdango purchased a guitar for me knowing how much I have always wanted to learn to play  guitar and how music is another love of mine(and I thought a creative back up plan is always good). So 2015 is the year for another creative endeavor. Totally hearting the dove on it, it is so me……for those of you that know me you will not have to hear me sing….wink



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