Journals that make my heart sing….



And on the back of each book these words
“It is here where she must tell her story”..

Back from a great vacation….where I wrote in my journal,on the pages of a book I am reading(Daring Greatly) and pretty much anywhere I could. A few years back, 2009 to be exact I came across these  journals that did not make you feel like you had to fill 3000 pages and they were oh so cute…. and the line width inside was perfect for my swirly printing . This is the first book that I purchased and I actually was just reading my thoughts last night from April 6/2009 exactly four years later… interesting…..and on the front of this cute little book were the words above….


I bought more and wrote and doodled and then it happened I could not find them anywhere….Until last week I was grabbing a Green Tea Latte from Starbucks and as I was waiting for my drink I was scanning the journal section and….they had four sitting on the shelves. I bought them all and my favorite is the journal with the typewriter.


Found on the inside cover of each book….



So these sweet words are found on the inside  cover of each book . So where can you find these journals Indigo Books in Canada is where I have purchased them. However they are carried by Compendium Inc. and the line is called “Her Words”…….

So these journals hold my art ideas,inspirational quotes,lots of random thoughts. Each day I try to write six things I am grateful for,a little note to myself called remember and finally the last thing I write is called Passion and it is a simple step I will take on that day to do the things I heart…..

I know journaling is the in thing, but once you start it is clear why. My Grams always wrote in a journal and as a kid I never really understood why an adult would want to do that. Well Grams now I totally understand……it may have taken me awhile but I believe I am now on the same page you were…..


as always


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