Prairie Cow Whimsy


Prairie Cow Whimsy

Lots of color…..and of course the whimsy that I heart. I  just love to paint things in a different light. Recently I was at my son’s hockey tourney in Sicamous,BC and the team stopped at the Dutchman Dairy for ice cream and I took a few shots of some dairy cows and voila…..Had fun with the eye lashes and she is looking very girlie and as my daughter always says its all about the eye lashes.

20131204-162704.jpgSo just before the snow blew in I was out for a walk in my neighbourhood and I so hate taking a photo but my fam was wanting an updated pic of me… this is it ! Taken just in time because the pic below is of the igloo my son his buddy built after the snow storm rolled into town. Sent them out to shovel the driveway and they built the igloo and did I mention it was -18C/-25C with the wind chill they came in an hour later for some hot chocolate….frozen solid….loved their creative energy…..Keeping bundled up this week as we are in a bit of a freeze.

20131204-162845.jpgHave started a new painting and I am really trying to make time each day to paint. Easier said then done some days….but I am such a morning person that I love to get up while the rest of the house is asleep grab my java and my paint brush. I have an hour before life begins and I love taking that time to be creative.



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