photo-3 Words….. Over the past ten years I have chosen one word to be my mantra for that year. It acts as a silent  whisper to guide me to where I need to be at any given moment. Here are a few of my favs ;

Breathe: this word was all around my home when my kidlets were younger and remains today. It is such a simple reminder to slow down and appreciate the small moments, instead of always focusing on the bigger ones. Even when I awoke from an unexpected surgery a few years back my nurse was saying to me ” all you need to do my dear is breathe”. I carry that word with me daily and wow what a difference taking the time to Breathe can make in ones day. So on a recent plane delay in San Diego I found this bracelet in Brighton and knew I had to have it. Whats a gal to do with time on her hands in an airport but shop!

Carpe Diem: Again learning to really embrace each day and to make the most of where   I am at any given moment. Life is always offering opportunities so it was a reminder to seize as many of those as possible and make the best of all that I have.

Strong: To be strong in mind,body and spirit . Working on each of these areas has allowed me to power through all that life brings mee way. I had a girlfriend tell me that she was amazed at how strong I have had to be over the years. I have always believed that life gives you what you can truly handle ….and there is always someone else going through so much more then I will ever experience. I also love to run,cycle ,weight train and I heart yoga which are so much more for me then just exercise they really are about strengthening ones mind. Next up for me meditation. This will be a challenge, very similar to Julie Roberts in Eat,Pray,Love….:)one of my favourite movies.

So this year I have chosen SHINE….for me this is the year to try new things, teach more art, coach a running group, continue volunteering as well as my merchandising gig…. And as the saying goes when you allow your light to shine you unconsciously give others permission to shine their light….Nelson Mandela

So after choosing the word shine it of course starting showing up everywhere. My second class back to yoga my amazing teacher Jody shared this ;

May the long time sun shine upon you ,

all love surround you ,

and the pure light within you ,

guide you on your way.

So what is your word? I have put this question out to my girlfriends and I am loving their choices. The pic above is from my new little studio space. Love the antique frame my Gramps had made years ago and I know he would love what his girl has done with it. I could not part with it as it reminded me of his work shop and him always creating or building something.  My chalkboard is from a salvaged cupboard door as is my breathe sign.  More on my new art space next time…

Shine Bright,


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