Artist Statement


I have always been a visual person for as long as I can remember. I expressed it through the clothing I wore, the paint colors I chose or the placement of pieces around my home or the homes of my friends. Whether I am painting furniture, merchandising a store or painting on canvas the love of gathering color to create a harmonious existence has always given me a great feeling of satisfaction.

A renewed love of color came with the birth of my children. Their drawings expressed simplicity, wild imaginations and of course a whole crayon box of color. For the next several years, I dove into painting furniture, a school mural and I dabbled in the art of rug hooking thanks to a brilliant rug hooker named Jeanie Delaney. Then one night my extremely focused husband began to ask me a number of questions about what I was truly passionate about. He feared our home had become overrun with refurbished garage sale finds and half-finished hooked rugs. However, from these questions, I realized that color and more specifically painting and drawing with vivid color is what I am truly passionate about. That week he arrived home with a huge canvas and thus my love for color began to evolve once again and my passion turned into what it is today. Whether I am in my studio painting furniture or painting on canvas, I become lost in a world of color, imagination, and endless possibilities. Each new painting is as exciting as the last, and I usually do not know what I will paint until the moment I put brush to hand.

I take inspiration from my everyday life, and I believe that if we truly take a moment to breathe all that we are meant to be will be revealed. It is my hope that my art inspires you and that my use of color brightens your day.

Shine Bright,